Impermanence 8x10 Framed Photos

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Chad Hiyakumoto, skateboarder & owner of APB Skateshop has curated a group of film photos that were all shot in Hawaii by both local and visiting skateboarders.  

Impermanence captures some of skateboarding's fleeting nature and the people, places, & things that are no longer with us.  Whether a spot that has been destroyed, friends no longer with us, or a moment that can never be repeated, the impermanence of life and it’s moments captured on film can be replicated but will never the same as they once were.  These photos were shot by the following skateboarders - Mark Oblow, Ken Goto, Atiba Jefferson, Michael Burnett, Arto Saari, Mako Ozaki.  Go Skateboarding Day is June 21st

The photos are framed in 8x10", printed on archival ink jet

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