Sell Film Photo Gear


If you're looking to sell analog film photography gear, we may be interested.  We are interested in useable gear.  You can start with contacting us at with a list of items (& photos if possible) & we can let you know what we are interested in taking a look at.

Typically, if they weren't properly stored in a dry container or area, fungus & moisture can damage photography gear.  

Common things to look out for with BAD gear:

1. If the lenses have haze/cloudiness, fungus, scratches & coating marks when shining a light thru front & rear.
2. battery corrosion on contacts
3. mold, fungus on or in gear

The process:

1. Drop off acceptable gear leaving your contact info.
2. We will check operations & condition to make an offer.  Sometimes we will have to send it out for service to repair/calibration.
3. It typically takes 3-5 business days for a camera kit, additional days for multiple items.
4. We will make an offer which typically is 1/2 of market value if in working condition.
5. We can offer consignment on higher end items or items that we don't typically sell regularly.  We make approximately 25% commission.