Treehouse develops and scans, too!

Treehouse is excited to announce that we will be taking over operations at The Wonderlab to create Treehouse Photo Lab. In this new chapter, we will strive to produce exceptional film processing & scanning services for the film community in Hawaii.

Peek our services below and give us a visit at our new lab website, where you can order developing, scanning, and printing services from the comfort of your own home!


Process Only*
Film Size Color Black and White E6
135, 120, 220, 110 $6.00 $11.00 $16.00

* Blank rolls will be refunded in the form of store credit.

Add Digital Scans
Film Size Small* Medium Large
135 +$6.00 +$9.00 +$14.00
120 +$6.00 NA +$14.00
110/126/APS +$12.00 +$15.00 +$19.00

* Small scans are scanned mainly on auto-pilot mode with minimal corrections to density. Large and x-large scans are mildly corrected with adjustments to create an image as close to the intended film stock profile as possible.
** Some TIFF scan orders may require a flash drive or hard drive for files to be transferred to.

Prints with dev + scan at Treehouse
Print Size Price
3.5x5" +$12.00/roll
4x6" +$15.00/roll
5x5" +8.00/roll

Prints Only
Print Size Price
3.5x5" $0.39/print
4x6" $0.49/print
5x5" $1.95/print
5x7" $2.45/print
8x10" $4.95/print
8x12" $5.95/print
11x14" $11.50/print
13x19" $17.75/print