Summer BW Film Processing Workshop w/Mike Caputo



BW Film Processing Workshop w/Mike Caputo
Saturday, July 20, 2024 11am-2pm
Register here for BW Workshop, spaces limited.

Mike Caputo (@aloha_bigmike) from the Hawaii Darkroom on the Big Island, will be instructing the BW Film Processing Workshop during oru Summer Film Camera + Vinyl Record Swap Meet.  He owns the Hawaii Darkroom in Hilo & has held many classed there, including printing in the darkroom.  He will walk everyone thru the process.  You will go on a quick photowalk & shoot 400 iso bw film.  If you don't have any, pick some up at treehouse.  After the photowalk, you will load & develop your film roll.  This workshop is a great way to learn or get a reresher to develop your bw films.

Kodak sent us some BW film for the people that signed up.  Mahalos to Tim from Kodak for helping us with this event!

All chemistry & processing equipment will be provided for by the workshop, but feel free to bring yours if you have any.

  1. Changing Bag
  2. Developing Reel + Tank
  3. Apron

Workshop Session:

  1. Shoot a BW roll during a quick photowalk (must be 400 ISO BW film).  You can bring your exposed roll if you prefer.
  2. Discuss preparation of chemistry, discussing equipment & chemistry types
  3. Discuss & process your bw roll using dark bag/dev tank.
  4. Treehouse will provide scans & you will pickup your negs a week later.

Photo credit: Chris Rohrer & Mike Caputo.