One/ofOne by Jef Hartsel & Pat Myers

by Jef Hartsel & Pat Myers
June 5-July 1, 2021

Photographers Zoom Talk Sunday, June 6, 5:30pm.  Zoom ID 808-597-8733.  


A collaboration between Treehouse Hawaii, Jef Hartsel, Pat Myers. A collection of Polaroid pictures in observing “Go Skateboarding Day” month 2021. This collection of images brings together the parallels, and the “ONE/of ONE” nature of this timeless film format with those depicted. All of them, iconic individuals & personalities in skateboarding and the culture(s) that surrounds it. All caught candidly by Jef & Pat during personal & memorable moments spanning the ‘80s, ‘90s, and 2000’s. Skate & Enjoy!

We're showcasing longtime skateboards Jef Hartsel & Pat Myers Polaroids of skateboarders & skateboarding culture.  These original 1/1 Polaroids capture the precise moment in time as they were created right there on the spot.  What more perfect month to showcase this with the annual Go Skateboarding Day on June 21.  There will be over 100 original Polaroids at Treehouse in Kaka'ako for the month.

Artist's Statement:

Jef Hartsel -

"Born in Japan and raised from New Jersey to Venice beach, and in the Philippines, Okinawa, and Hawaii, Jef Hartsel has been a recognizable face in skateboarding since the early’80s. He has worked for decades as a professional skateboarder, graphic designer, and business(brand) owner, and has always applied his well known style and passion for everything he does."

Pat Myers - 

"Hawaii native and hired gun, Pat Myers has spent most of his life documenting skateboarding culture. Wether it is super-8 , 16 mm, 4 x 5, or Polaroid,  Pat has had a passion for the film format and it’s happy accidents."