Instant Portraits by Chris Rohrer

Instant Portraits Event by Chris Rohrer

Instant Portriats by Chris Rohrer 

Saturday, November 25, 2023 10-3pm
Sunshine People Market
Barn at SALT Kaka'ako

Chris Rohrer will be offering $5 BW Instant Portraits shot on his large format camera with the LomoGraflok film back.  Exceptional quality shot with glass lens as opposed to shooting on the plastic lens of the Fuji Instax Wide camera.

A great way to get your portrait on integral Instax Wide Monochrome film.  Also be a great gift to you special someone.

Come say hi & browse the Sunshine People Market for unique local makers & find something unique for your holiday gift.

Chris Rohrer @thunderhug

More info about the Sunshine People Market Event here