Film Underwater OPEN CALL

Treehouse presents: Film Underwater OPEN CALL

Film Underwater OPEN CALL

July 1 - August 3, 2023

We are excited to announce our next photo show Film Underwater OPEN CALL.  We are accepting underwater film photo 5”x7” print by June 29, 2023.  1- 5"x7" unframed print per costumer.  Drop it off to Treehouse by Thursday, June 29th to be considered.  Decisions will be made & notified by June 30th. 

Photo must be shot using a waterproof film camera, either fully or partially submerged.  Shoot your Nikonos, disposable waterproof camera, water housing film camera, etc.  We are also planning to print a zine of all photos presented in shop. 

Photo credit: John Hook

Submissions closed on 6/29/23. 

Featured photographers:

Shane Grace 
Katharine Kollman 
Maddie Hayes 
John Hook
Mike Caputo
Jamie Baradaran
Sean Vienna
Reid Satsuma 
Mitchell Hollander 
Annie Deck
Casey Nash
Lisa Tirimacco 
Julio Lemus 
Kali Alexander 
Zane Sher 
Bobby Asato
Madison Hobbs 
Chris Rohrer
Kyle Oba