Pandemic OPEN CALL


Pandemic OPEN CALL
October 2021
Drop-off starting 10/1.  Framed photo will be put up.

We're having a OPEN CALL for film photographs taken during the pandemic this past 18 months on film.  We want to showcase what experiences others have documented during this unprecedented times.  Hopefully we can slowly put this in the past & life get's a little more like the past.  If you'd like to be a part of this, here are the details:

Submit your photo that represents your experience during the pandemic March 2020 - September 2021.  Must be framed up to 8x10" in size, 1 submission per customer.  Drop it off to the shop along with info below & we will have it showcased in the shop throughout October 2021.  You will get it returned in November.  We are also planning to do a zine from it so we will need a scanned version 4x6", 300dpi.  The zine will be published after the show.  

*We may stop accepting once we run out of wall space. 

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