Beauty & Strength by Jana Uyeda & Tien Austin


Beauty & Strength
by Jana Uyeda & Tien Austin
March 5 - 31, 2022
Photographer's Zoom Talk Sunday, 3/6, 5:30pm HST
Zoom ID 808 597 8733


We are excited to feature Beauty & Strength by Jana Uyeda & Tien Austin for Women's History Month.  Both Jana & Tien are from Honolulu who currently reside in Seattle, WA.  They are both avid  & passionate film photographers.  Their photos will be up in treehouse for the month of March.

There will be a Photographers Zoom Talk on Sunday, March 6, 5:30pm HST.  The Photographer's Zoom Talk is moderated by Dru Hara.  Please join us as they will be discussing their photographs & shooting with film.  They will also be doing a Q&A.  Zoom Talk ID 808 597 8733.

Jana Uyeda Artist's Statement:

Since the start of the pandemic my photography has been about focusing on smaller subjects in areas closer to home. I experiment with different films and lenses to differentiate my subjects from familiar surroundings. In spring I anticipate cherry blossom season on my street and as I photograph their bloom it helps me recognize the passage of time.

Tien Austin Artist's Statement:
Cassie and I have had many conversations about what it means to be a woman, more specifically, a woman in spaces typically dominated by cis men. There are few places where this is more prevalent than in Cassie’s experience as a skater. These photos capture bits of conversations we’ve had about her hopes that skating is moving towards becoming a more equitable space for people of all genders, races, and sexual orientations. 

Here are some new perspectives of those familiar places…