As Above So Below


As Above So Below
by Greg Hatton & Kenyatta Kelechi
February 5 - March 3, 2022
Photographer's Zoom Talk Sunday, 2/6, 5:30pm
Zoom ID 808 597 8733

We are excited to feature As Above So Below by Greg Hatton & Kenyatta Kelechi in celebration of Black History Month.  Greg will be showing portraits & Kenyatta will be showing aerial photographs all shot on film.  The photos will be up in treehouse for the month of February, thru March 3rd.

There will be a Photographers Zoom Talk on Sunday, February 6, 5:30pm HST.  The Photographer's Zoom Talk is moderated by Dru Hara.  Please join us as they will be discussing their photographs & shooting with film.  They will also be doing a Q&A.  Zoom Talk ID 808 597 8733.




Greg Hatton Artist's Statement:

Greg Hatton is a Los Angeles born documentary photographer and cinematographer that has spent most of his life with a camera in his hands. His photography has an intense air of cinema to it as his work is focused primarily on creating images that tell the stories surrounding what he's capturing in the moment. Sitting with a subject (person of situation) enables him to share with the you (the viewer) more of what was happening in front of the lens.  
His note regarding the images show here:
"I love seeing the local kids at the wall. The young ones and the older people too. It's the love for this place, for the water, for the joy of being with family and friends. It's real specific when you look at it.  But it's also not too different from the photos of the kids with their fireworks. It's that joy of life. Where the kid was sitting looking at the waves yea? Might look like he was lonely, but he was just preparing. He got up and took FLIGHT; then smiled the whole way back to his spot. The kids with the fireworks, the sights and sounds of the smiles. It's joy, it's an adventure, its life showing up in two different settings, but providing the same thing community, joy and a story to tell about living life."
As a member of the Honolulu Street Collective, Greg can be found wandering throughout the island of Oahu and engaging with people to make images that show the reality of life in efforts to continually build community through photography. Greg will also be instructing a street photography workshop with Pacific New Media, this coming April.  
Kenyatta Kelechi Artist's Statement:

Being born and raised on O‘ahu I have become pretty familiar with my home zones over the years. 

Here are some new perspectives of those familiar places…