Sunshine People Market Wetplate Portraits by Kenyatta Kelechi

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Wet Plate Portraits by Kenyatta Kelechi

Saturday, November 12, 2022, 10am-4pm

We're doing it again!  We will be participating in the Sunshine People Market event on 11/12, 10am-4pm at the SALT Barn.  Keyatta Kelechi will be doing old style  wet plate portrait photography during this event.  

He prepares the plate which take 3 minutes.  after taking the portrait, he will develop the plate & you'll be able to see the negative turn positive right before your eyes!   The plate will be finished for protection & will be on display in the shop after for the month of November.  You will be able to pick it up in December.

Only 18 spaces available for a "4x5" wet plate photo for $150.  Signup & pay for your opportunity before they sell out! 

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