Spiratone 20/2.8 Nikon Lens NICE 210202

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Taken from https://www.apertureinfo.com/item/spiratone_20mm_f2-8.html

Spiratone 20mm f/2.8 is a fast manual focus prime lens for SLR cameras.

Thanks to minimum aperture ratio of f/2.8 enables shooting in low lighting conditions without a tripod or a flash. Due to the fact that lens has 6-bladed aperture, the subjects located outside the depth of field may be shown which the nuts-effect in the bokeh.

This lens has a size of 60 mm. This is a normal size, very convenient in everyday use. The weight of this lens (220 grams) is suitable for everyday use. The lens is suitable for shooting near objects. Mounting the filter has a common size. Is useful for landscape, architecture, interior and genre photography. Lens fit for low light conditions.

Includes front/rear caps.  It will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail  which includes insurance, takes 2-3 business days & includes tracking.