Its Just RocknRoll Flyer by Guy Vaught

Its Just RocknRoll Flyer - by Guy Vaught

TV Microwave will be playing in our courtyard opening night at 8pm.  Come early to check out the photos, 6-9pm.

“Its Just Rock n Roll”
Photography By: Guy Vaught & Words By: Reginald McPherson

Most everyone remembers that one song, that one time when their lives took a change.  When the innocence of puberty, naive states, and cultural bias went into a totally different direction.  It may have been lyrics, a certain instrument that vibrates on the same frequency as your Soul.  That paired with an event and pow, just like that, your life took off!  For a great many of us this has been true and a tremendous amount is attributed to Rock and Roll!  It has been said many times music is a Universal language and no other genre of music has had such an ability to effectively move history, alter the course through demonstration, protest, or simply as Mr. Lennon stated, LOVE!  Rock and Roll has, and will continue to have this effect on the world.  Guy Vaught is an amazing photographer that has remained true to his craft.  Even in this age of digital everything Guy has continued to still use film while embracing the beauty of digital as well.  His work demonstrates a true eye and appreciation of beauty that many of us appreciate but cannot explain why or how.  Unwilling to sell out and just pursue fortune this deliberate attention to detail and keeping it real has made him the artist he is today.Its Just Rock n Roll is a showcase from photographer Guy Vaught and in this showing you will be viewing never released images from 1998-2014.  These are all shot on 35mm film.  From the time spanning 1998-2007 the early years, all was shot in southern California.  There are some more resonate images during 2008-2014, which were shot where he now resides on the island of Oahu, HI.If you would like to purchase any of these original images off the wall Please see Bobby, or Guy for more details – Thanks so much for your support & kindness. Pleas enjoy the “Rock Show”.

It's Just Rock'n Roll by Guy Vaught