First Published by The Museum of Modern Art in 1938, this 75th anniversary edition of Walker Evans American Photographs reproduces the eighty-seven original photographs along with an essay by Lincoln Kirstein..“Walker Evans is giving us the contemporary civilization of eastern America and its dependencies as Atget gave us Paris before the war and Brady gave us the War between the States. This at first may seem an extravagant claim for a young artist in relation to a subject as vast as contemporary American civilization. But after looking at these pictures with all their clear, hideous and beautiful detail, their open insanity and pitiful grandeur, compare this vision of a continent as it is, not as it might be or as it was, with any other coherent vision that we have had since the war. What poet has said as much? What painter has shown as much?” - Kirstein.#walkerevans #americanphotographs #photobookjousting #treehousehawaii