Zen Camera Book Signing with David Ulrich
Saturday, September 29, 2018, 12-2pm

Join us on Saturday as David Ulrich will be in-store to sign his book Zen Camera.

About the book:

Zen Camera is an unprecedented photography program that guides you to the creativity at your fingertips, calling for nothing more than your vision and any camera, even the one embedded in your phone.

David Ulrich draws on the principles of Zen practice as well as forty years of teaching photography to offer six profound lessons for developing your self-expression. Doing for photography what The Artist’s Way and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain did for their respective crafts, Zen Camera encourages you to build a visual journaling practice called your Daily Record in which photography can become a path of self- discovery. Beautifully illustrated with 83 photographs, its insights into the nature of seeing, art, and personal growth allow you to create photographs that are beautiful, meaningful, and uniquely your own.

You’ll ultimately learn to change the way you interact with technology—transforming it into a way to uncover your innate power of attention and mindfulness, to see creatively, and to live authentically.


About the author:

DAVID ULRICH is a professor and co-director of Pacific New Media Foundation in Honolulu, Hawai‘i.  He teaches frequent classes and workshop, and is an active photographer and writer whose work has been published in numerous books and journals including Aperture, Mānoa, and Sierra Club publications. Ulrich’s photographs have been exhibited internationally in more than 75 one-person and group exhibitions. He blogs about creativity and consciousness at theslenderthread.org, and is a consulting editor for Parabola magazine. Visit creativeguide.com.