Honeymoon by Samantha Feyen
August 3 – September 5, 2019
Opening Reception Saturday, 8/3, 7-9pm

We are excited to be showcasing Honeymoon by Samantha Feyen this month.  Please join us for the Opening Reception on Saturday, 8/3, 7-9pm.  Meet & chat with Sam and check out her film photograph plaques that she created for the show.  

Samantha, or as most know her as simply Sam was raised in both the hill tribes of Chiang Mai, Thailand and Lahaina, Maui. After high school she relocated to Honolulu to pursue photography full time.
Always fidgeting with her dad’s disposable camera since she was young, Sam began her photography journey officially in 2009 when she was 15. At even that age she appreciated the beauty of ethnicity, facial features, skin tones, and light on her subject.

Once she bought her first analog camera (chinon cm7), it was over, she was captivated by the outcome and process.
Together she combined both her love for analog and au natural raw beauty to create an aesthetic focusing on the allure of women, nature, and reality, describing her mood as a ‘forever honeymoon’. Focusing on the believable moments in time, not fabrication of today’s world and applying it to her everyday fashion photography work.

Sam is also an avid vintage curator collecting mid century home decor and assorted treasures that influenced her style to display her artwork. She brings inspiration from the 1980’s plaque era where artwork used to be featured on wood and covered in resin as if also concealing it in time forever.