TRAVELS by Leonardo Hartomo & Joseph Abad
July 6 – August 1, 2019
Opening Reception Sunday, July 6, 7-9pm

Join us Saturday, July 6, 7-9pm for TRAVELS by Leonardo Hartomo & Joseph Abad. They will be showcasing photos taken from their travels. These two are active film shooters & creative designers.

Leonardo Hartoma

“In A Positive Light”
Artist statement:

What began as a hobby of thrifting vintage cameras for decoration evolved into a fascination for capturing scenes with them. A stroke of luck landed me with what seemed at the time a lifetime supply of slide films, as everyone around was abandoning them for pixels. And from the very first roll I shot, I was enamored with the way it captures light and colors. Printed on transparencies, I wanted to recreate the experience of looking at the slide film directly: the same way it first captivated me.

These photos are from multiple trips I made to Indonesia, the birth country I’d left as a boy, where colors and textures seem just as vibrant and alive when I first revisited as an adult as they appear in my childhood memories. The camera further became a catalyst for storytelling, through which I reconnect and rediscover my language and heritage as I travel through the islands and meeting people I photograph along the way.

Joseph Abad

With a love for travel, photography allows me to share my experiences outside of O‘ahu. Shooting since 2009, I’ve developed an eye for street scenes and nuances of daily life–much like photographer Garry Winogrand. My approach to photography is to be completely hands-off and capture the interaction between man and the environment. The results are often candid, at times humorous or mysterious.