Slit-cam demo by Atis Puampai
Saturday, June 23, 1-2pm

Come down to the shop to see Atis’ DIY Slit-cam which will be available for sale at $100.  Limited quantities so get there early.  You may also  supply the camera & he can modify it for $50.  Atis will show how the camera works with sample prints on what can be done.  These are motorized Holga film cameras that can capture stretched motion on film.

“Slit-Scan cameras utilize a narrow slit to exclusively photograph motion. They are normally used for industrial applications or determining the winner of races. In response to their cumbersome size, complex operation, and high prices, Atis Puampai has been devising a compact, simple, and cheap analogue version based off the Holga toy camera. This event will provide information and tips on shooting slit-scan photographs, Holga slit-scan camera sales, and demonstrations utilizing instant film.”

Atis has shown his work at treehouse & is a recent UH Manoa Masters in Photography graduate.