Up throughout June 2020

“These images are all portraits of my youngest cousin Shay. I aimed to capture his experience growing up in Hawai’i. He is constantly on the move, buzzing with energy. When he’s not skating his mini ramp in Palolo or at school, he is surfing at Diamond Head with his dad. Through Shay I can see glimpses of my own childhood as well as parts of growing up that are unique to Hawai’i. The images are a blend of formal portraits and lifestyle photographs taken with a Pentax 67ii.
I printed these images with platinum palladium, a process that is known for its archival stability, beauty, and uniqueness. The images printed in this process have a sense of timelessness. I want my prints to keep that almost historic feel due to the extreme archival properties of the platinum palladium.
Change happens quickly and I have realized how important it is to hold onto these simple light-hearted moments, and reflect on them later in life.”