2020 Girl Group Show
March 7 – April 2, 2020
Opening Reception Saturday, March. 7, 7-9pm

We are excited to announce our 3rd Annual Girl Group Show featuring film photographs by Melanie Tjoeng, Kiki Williams & Miya Yamaoka.  Please join us for the Opening Reception this Saturday, 3/7, 7pm.

Melanie Tjoeng

Melanie is an avid traveller and storyteller. Born in Queensland’s capital city of Brisbane, she spent most of her early years playing in the tepid waters and dense jungles of Papua New Guinea’s Sepik coastal town of Wewak. She has been traversing the globe since she was born and has lived in Hawaii, Mexico, Denmark, Australia and Papua New Guinea. As a learned Anthropologist, her passion for storytelling came naturally and when she discovered her love for the captured image, photography seemed like the perfect calling. Starting out as a documentary photographer and photojournalist, in 2009 she diverged into fashion photography and has never looked back. She has shot for clients such as H & M, Id mag, Billabong, The Wall Street Journal and was awarded one of the top 50 photographers to follow by TIME magazine. Her passions include Hawaii, traveling, writing, running and making art.

Kiki Williams
“Jane Does” is a series of Polaroids that unfocuses the identity of the woman. Instead, it focuses on the abstracted anatomy of the youthful and late adulthood of women. By using lip-gloss on the camera lens to be this nature curtain, you are not able to see an age difference between the two. The position of her body is looking at the audience or away from it, which makes the viewer more curious to know her. The images are a representation of women that sit in natural beauty.

Miya Yamaoka
Black and white film, hand processed and printed from home. Breasts that have fed.