BW Film Processing Workshop

BW Film Processing WorkshopBW Film Processing Workshops
Intro to processing BW film

This workshop will be instructed by our shop staff, Alex Delapena who’s in the UH Manoa photography & fine arts program.  This 2-part workshop series will cover how to process bw films at home.  Attendees will receive a one-time use 10% discount coupon to purchase chemicals & developing equipment.

Nov. 15, Saturday 10am-11am
Workshop day 1: How to Mix and store chemicals

Register for workshop.  $5, 10 spaces per workshop.

  • Explain the different the developers that we carry in the shop
  • Explain each chemical
  • Talk about chemical disposal
  • How to mix chemicals

Dec. 6, Saturday, 10am-11am
Workshop day 2: Tanks / Reels / Loading / Processing
Register for workshop.  $5, 10 spaces per workshop.

  • Talk about proper set up for film processing
  • Explain how dark bags works and let them know alternatives to a dark bag (ie: closet)
  • Talk about different tank set ups (steel vs plastic)
  • Demo film loading for visual reference for both steel and plastic
  • Explain processing times (developing for the highlights)
  • Explain how to compensate time when temperature is not at optimal 68 deg. C.
  • Doing the film processing with preloaded film in a tank
    -While processing, I will explain proper technique for agitation
    -How to use the clock for time reference
  • After processing is done, I will explain how to wash the film, and proper way to store negatives to dry in dust free environment.