We are a drop-off site for film processing.  We can get a variety of processing done, including 35mm, 120/220 medium format & 110 formats; color C-41, black & white & E6.  We charge what the lab charges so the price is the same if you drop it off to treehouse or go there directly.

Hawaii Pacific Photo
They’re a professional local photo lab that take pride in the quality of processing, scans & prints.  They are the only one locally that can offer large archival C-prints.

theFINDlab is a professional “boutique” photo lab that have high quality film processing & scanning services.  This mailout service is sent out every Friday.  Scans will be sent via download link from theFINDlab typically a week later (depending on qty, push/pull, prints, etc.).  Negatives are returned to treehouse every 3 months.  We’ll call you when we get them back.  You can have them sent direct for an additional fee  Services include 35/120/4×5, C-41/BW/E6 processing, scans & prints.

AGX Imaging
North America’s premier E-6 processing Photolab since 1997.  They are very quick, resonable & have excellent service.  Our shop staff use them for E-6 processing, mounting & scans.

treehouse 35mm scanning service
We use a Pakon 135 Plus to offer economical 8×10″ c-41 & BW 35mm scans $5 (drop off flashdrive); +$2 for cut negs; $2 for CD.  1-2 business days turnaround.

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